Wednesday, October 5, 2011

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The time has finally come for Hispanics/Latinos to recognize that they are not living in the same country with the same restrictions that their parents and grandparents faced so many years ago. Latinos now have the chance to reach out and grab opportunities previously denied to them, letting them realize their dreams of wealth and/or financial independence.
In the past the primary concern of Latino immigrants to this country was survival. They wanted only to live in a free country and raise their children, and they were willing to sacrifice their own dreams and goals to make that happen. Between working for practically nothing, struggling for adequate housing and fighting the discrimination that has been rampant throughout history they didn't have time to attempt to become wealthy. They were too busy keeping food on the table and ensuring that their children received the education they had been denied.
Today's Latinos have made great strides in overcoming the restrictions placed on their predecessors, and many enjoy a comfortable, middle class existence with a comfortable, middle class income. The time has come for these men and women to recognize that they are not required to be middle class simply because their ancestors came across the river rather than the Atlantic and reach out and grab the opportunities offered to them through America's capitalistic society with both hands. 
The America of today is a far cry from the America of our ancestors, and the biggest obstacle standing between Latinos and the realization of their dreams is themselves. It is time for Latinos from coast to coast to throw this obstacle aside and take the steps forward that will lead them into a bright new future.

Discover how you can 'Create Wealth', or become 'Financially Independent' or, a 'Millionaire', whichever term your mindset accepts.

Most Hispanics don't dare to dream of financial prosperity. They desire a good lifestyle certainly, many achieve that. But is 'good' really good enough? Deep down, don't you want MORE for your family? If you really think about the opportunities WEALTH can bring, you will likely say yes. But if you are like most Hispanics, you have NEVER been taught to become wealthy or financially independent..

That is about to change.
You need a blueprint for reinventing your mindset, your lifestyle, and ultimately, your bank account. Reserve one hour a week to focus on your "Financial Goals" and you can set it in motion a chain of financial events that can change your life forever. Our Books and Systems are packed with practical insight on a variety of wealth-building tools and techniques.
"I love this book!!!! It is fast, easy to read and entertaining but very informative and to the point. FINALLY--a "How To" book for all of us who want to be millionaires. Ruben has inspired me!"
Carmen C. Garcia, CPA, CEO, CC Garcia & Company, San Antonio, TX.
The Books & Systems by Ruben Ruiz are Resources that you can pull out whenever you need financial guidance, you will learn:
How to run your household like a business
Why the Eighth Wonder of the World is your ticket to fortune
The smart way to get out of debt once and for all
How to defeat the Five Destroyers of Wealth
Four easy real estate options can increase your profits tremendously
How to start an "Infoprenuer Business"
Of course, even the savviest tips are useless if you do not change self-defeating attitudes about wealth. That's why the book places so much emphasis on the power of belief. There are no ethnic or cultural barriers to success, only those you create yourself or allow others to create for you. You are a Hispanic-American- or, if you don't like hyphen, an American and you have the freedom to become a millionaire. You will become a millionaire.
Strong focus can take you where you want to go and get you what you want in life. This is the reality of human nature. Unfortunately, if the scope of your focus does not include becoming wealthy, then you will not pursue it.
Think about your own life. Has your mindset ever prevented you from exploring or investigating wealth opportunities that could increase your income and expand your net worth? Have you ever discussed financial matters with your parents? What about the idea of becoming a millionaire? Did you believe that they would laugh at the idea and tell you that only Anglos could pursue that particular goal?
You will also Learn:
  • Turn your business into a equity investment
  • Write a business plan for wealth building
  • Set up a college plan for your children and grandchildren funding
  • Protect your assets through proper risk management
  • Make the IRS your partner, not your tax-collector
  • Turn your home into a half-million-dollar tax-free return
  • Implement the 'Miracle' of investment compounding
  • Your computer mind can start you on the road to wealth
  • To chart a road map to accomplish all your financial goals
  • Avoid the fallacy of 'getting rich overnight'
  • Recognize the importance of taking one success step at a time (learning the alphabet then words…then sentences…then story)
  • Make planning the "p" word) -weekly, then daily-which is the easiest to do, but no one does it
  • Quit thinking "cheap" in your purchases & investments
  • Create a Master Mind team to help you get your wealth goals
  • Master the five demons of building assets
  • Understanding the four wealth-building quadrants
"This book is THE ONLY practical, real life, no nonsense guide for Hispanic Americans to become wealthy and prosperous. Put this book on your wish list–or buy it for yourself right now–if you want to increase your family's wealth now and for generations to come."
Dr. Jo Ann Piña, Professional Speaker and Author, Los Angeles, CA
So, let's get to the MILLION DOLLAR QUESTION

How can I become financially independent or wealthy

or how about just a great lifestyle for my family!


Is it possible for me to make $100,000-$250,000

in annual income?

You're probably already seeing the truth: you will have to change your mindset in order to achieve the Financial Goal. The Financial Goal means achieving a million dollars in net worth over the course of your lifetime. You can always shoot for an even bigger goal later-say, a million dollars a year in income-but first things first!
Begin by taking an hour a week to focus on your goal and the steps you will need to take to achieve it. Gradually increase your focus time until the idea of becoming a millionaire is as familiar to you as your own name.
You might wonder if you are destined to be an average Hispanic, making an average income for your family. Ask yourself some tough questions. Why have some Hispanic-Americans who have the same education and social background as you become millionaires, while you have continued making the same, average amount of money? Can you have a million-dollar net worth? How about a five-million-dollar net worth?
Do you believe that those kinds of goals are unattainable–that only certain Americans are entitled to them? If you cling to these beliefs, even subconsciously, you are setting up a self-fulfilling prophecy–one that will surely keep you from your goal.
Right now, let's start the process of believing that you or any Hispanic/Latino CAN create a millionaire. It is easier than you think. Begin altering your ideas of what Hispanics can do. You might have to live a life that looks very different from the picture that was painted for you. This isn't to say that many of the lessons you've learned from your parents, teachers, and peers won't help you. They will. But you must educate yourself on the techniques and experiences you will need to become financially independent.
Start to believe that you have the right to gain wealth for yourself and your family. Then use the power of your life experiences to go out into the world and begin achieving your goals.
"This book, like the author, is practical and straightforward on Accomplishing your wealth goals."
Homar Bartra, MD, Phoenix, AZ.


Approximately 1 percent of Latinos have become millionaires, because they have adopted the "Millionaire Mindset." They focused on the goal of becoming wealthy, much like they focused on their more "traditional" goals of getting a high school diploma and going to college. If you set your mind to it and go after it with a passion for success, you will accomplish it. That's the so-called "secret." Not too complicated, is it?
To become one of that 1 percent, you may have to change many aspects of your life, including the people with whom you choose to socialize. Why would you allow friends who make negative comments or list reasons why you can't succeed to derail your Financial Goal? If you think you can't achieve the goal of becoming a millionaire, then you never will. If you think I can, I can, then you are on your way to reaching that goal. Your mind is a very powerful tool and will do whatever you program it to do.

You Tell Your Closest Friends...

Imagine that you invite your family and closest friends to a party at your home. After dinner you tell them you are going to become a millionaire. What do you imagine will be their first reaction? Will they laugh? As Hispanics, we are often programmed to believe that there isn't the slightest chance of becoming a millionaire. In our heart of hearts, we may even feel that derisive laughter from friends and family is a normal, appropriate response to our dream. Don't you think that's sad?
"It's time that Hispanics/Latinos change their paradigm from laborers to investors-this book shows you how!"
Alma Lopez, Financial Advisor, Chicago, IL.
If you have made the decision to achieve a great net worth status, why shouldn't your friends support and encourage you? Isn't that what friends are for?
I believe there are two reasons why your friends may not live up to this ideal. One is the "misery loves company" principle. If they can't be rich, why should you? The second reason is that they are afraid that you might forget about them during your quest and leave them behind.
Please understand: I am not telling you to forget about your friends. It is just important that you stay focused, because a constant barrage of negativity can delay your progress or even cause you to abandon your dream. Don't let your friends distract you. (And if they're actively trying to do so, are they really, truly your friends at all?)
The reality is that we are all concerned with what our family and friends think. We assume that they constantly wonder about where we are, what we're wearing, what kind of car we drive, whether or not we should buy a bigger house. Whether this is true or not, the perception drives our behavior. You've heard of keeping up with the Smiths and the Joneses? This cliché also holds true for the Garcia's and the Sanchez'. Before Thinking?
Have you ever heard statements like, "If you hang out with broke people, you probably are broke too," or "If you hang out with middle-income people, then you will be middle-income as well"? You don't want to abandon your lifelong friends and certainly not your family because they don't have the Millionaire Mindset. Just start adding financially successful people to your roster of friends, while slowly disengaging yourself from negativity filled acquaintances determined to hold you back.

In order to become wealthy or financially independent, you need financially independent mentors to teach you. You can also learn from books, CDs, seminars, DVDs, E-Books, Articles, & Advisors.

"How many how to succeed in business and life books have you read? If you are like many of us, you have read volumes. Well, this is not another "how to" book, but it will without fail, lead to success in business and life if you read and follow it".
Sam Guzman, Former Chairman & President, Texas Association of Mexican-American Chambers of Commerce, Austin, TX


Realize that if you stay middle-income forever, based on United States inflation and tax rates, you will always lead a discounted life–living from paycheck to paycheck, NOT being able to afford the things you really want.
There is no free ride to living a great lifestyle; there is only hard work. You will have to become wealthy mentally before you actually become one physically. This does not mean that you can go out and spend all of your money because in your mind you are already wealthy. True millionaires are quite frugal people. It will also help if you begin to understand that there is a difference between saving your money and investing it. Millionaires save money on their purchases and they save money for a rainy day, but they use their financial prowess to find, or even create, many investment opportunities that will increase their profits. Most Hispanics/Latinos have no middle- or long-term investment goals. You cannot make profit of, for instance, 20 percent if you never take advantage of investment opportunities.
"I liked the book because the information/material that is presented makes the reader want to continue reading. Also, the book is one that every Hispanic should own and have as a reference book in their business or personal library. They would truly benefit from reading it."
Juan Dominguez, CEP, RFC, CEO, Valley Wide Bookkeeping & Financial Services., Inc., McAllen, TX
If you have a die-hard buy cheap mentality created by a lifetime of hearing "traditional wisdom," then you will always think cheap and safe. And if you think only cheap and safe, then you will never have the courage to take advantage of the investment opportunities that are right in front of you.
Already, you may have passed on some great opportunities because you were afraid that the cost was too high. You need to change your mindset in order to be successful. If your mental database has no millionaire files in it, you will never become a millionaire. Once you have a clear picture in your mind of yourself as a wealthy person, you will want to get up early each morning in order to put your new ideas into practice.
You are about to take an unknown, yet rewarding journey: the Millionaire's Journey. Every venture into the unknown requires road maps to the great lifestyle. Are you starting to think like a successful investor yet? I am telling you that you have the power. You have always had the power. The power lies in that superb organ we call the brain. The brain is as precise as a computer, and you can use it to achieve your dream.
"The One Hour Hispanic Millionaire is an inspiring book filled with tangible strategies for creating your own success. Powerful takeaways include a renewed sense of focus, drive and empowerment. A real winner!"
Maribeth Kuzmeski, MBA, President, Red Zone Marketing, Chicago, IL


Your million dollar computer can help you achieve your goal. You're probably thinking, I'm not a millionaire yet, so where am I going to get the money for a million-dollar computer? The truth is you already own one. Your brain is the world's most efficient computer, capable of holding over eighteen billion bits of information.
I have heard for years that the average person uses only about 10 percent of the capability of his or her brain. Whether or not this statistic is truth or myth, I have no doubt that most of us barely tap the enormous potential offers by this most amazing organ.
Even if most people use 100 percent of their brain, it's very likely that they haven't imported a 100 percent of the files; they need for making decisions to meet the Millionaire Goal. Envision your brain today as your personal computer. The things that you are able to do today in the world in which you live depend on the files in your computer. You can output only what you input. You can output an Excel spreadsheet only if you plugged the appropriate data into the Excel program. If you want to type a letter, you must have a word processor program installed on your computer. Of course, you must do more that just process capability. You must also take the time to learn how to use the particular program. Just because you have Excel installed on your computer doesn't mean that you will receive a detailed spreadsheet of your monthly household expenses magically. You must learn how to enter data into the program and then decide the exact data to enter in order to achieve the result that you want.
Your computer brain has been receiving files since the day you were born. Everything you are able to do in life today is inserted into a file. Your brain can create output solutions from a combination of many input files. The right combination of input files can help you create any number of miraculous outputs, even wealth. (imagine the files Einstein must have installed in his "computer.") One day soon, the right combination of files might help someone find a cure for cancer. The right combination of files will help you become a millionaire even sooner.
"Of course everyone wants to be a millionaire but few know how simply it can be achieved-just by following the excellent advice continued in this book. While great truths are often simple, it will require steadfast attention to your goals and to the principles that Ruben Ruiz has clearly expressed."
Ed Morrow, RFC, CEP, ChFC, CLU, Chairman, International Association of Registered Financial Consultants, Middletown, OH

$80,000 Home or $250,000 HOME or $500,000 Home

The right files can mean the difference between owning an $80,000 home or a $250,000 home. It could be a way for you to earn an extra $50,000 worth of income each year. A few strategically placed files can be the difference between your being the person giving a presentation entitled How to Become Millionaire or the person paying to sit in the audience and listen to that presentation. A few new files in you computer brain's computer labeled financial independence can get you out of debt completely. Your computer brain can create a small net worth or a large net worth.
Okay, stop reading right now and close your eyes! Repeat these words to yourself: "All I have to do is input the right files into my brain computer." Say it several times until you believe it. Ignore the strange looks that the dog it giving you. The idea of imputing files to change your life is much easier that the first trying to create a completely new belief system based on things you will need as a millionaire, such as trust, motivation, and self-esteem. Please understand that you already have many of the answers you will need to accumulate wealth. You will be able to access this information whenever you want to increase your future income and create a more substantial net worth. It's all in you computer brain, and what isn't there can be added. All you have to do is input it.
"This book is a MUST--In today's multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, dual-gender work environment, we may all be speaking the same language, but we are certainly not creating wealth for ourselves or family".
Frank Contreras, Director, National Coordinator-Binational Migrant Education Program, Center for Migrant Education-Texas State University, San Marcos, TX
Do you still have some disbelief? Remember when you learned numbers first, then addition (+) arithmetic. You learned that 2+1=3, right? Now let's pretend you missed school for a month, and you missed how to subtract (-), and no one ever taught you subtraction until now. You already had all the numbers standing in your computer brain file. So the input files for today were the subtraction files and you're created a miracle. You now know how to add and subtract. Can you remember all the files you have inputted in your life? You may need a few files to create a great opportunity for you, one that has always been in front of you. Add a few more files, and you have the power computer system to become wealthy.
It does not matter how old you are or how much education you have received. Your occupation, the value of your home, and the amount of yearly income don't matter either. Anyone can take the first step down the road to becoming financially independent. A decade from now you will be ten years older whether or not you decide to begin imputing your valuable millionaire files. So you might as well start now and celebrate ten years of prosperity instead of ten years of just growing older. You might not know it yet, but you have already started the data input process. The information that you have read in this letter is already stored in your brain's computer.
Here are a few examples of some of the information that you might have plenty of input for something that you might need to learn more about:


The average Latino may think that in order to become wealthy, one must venture far from home. You may believe the town you grew up in is too small to support such big dreams. But the truth is, potential wealth exists in one' own backyard. Where is your 'acre of diamonds'? Do you already have the resources that you would need to attain wealth? How can you tap local resources to reach your goal of becoming a millionaire? It is all with in reach if you develop a plan of action and learn which resources would best meet your needs.
  • Real Estate: I'm sure you know what real estate is and you probably have not found the time to input information on how to acquire real estate and use it to make a profit.
  • The Internet: Remember when the Internet was new and you didn't understand it at all? Perhaps you needed your seven-year-old to explain it to you. Eventually, you figured it out, didn't you? Well, learning the process of becoming a millionaire is similar to learning the Internet for the first time. When you have experienced teacher, it is easy to learn.
  • E-Mail: When you see the word E-mail, do you think, why can't I just use the phone? Well, you probably already know the answer to that. If you don't stay current and up-to-speed, then you become obsolete. You must add new and varied data to your life files in order to create a wealth of knowledge and experience.


The reality is that you can't simply go to the store and purchase a "millionaire map" as easily as you would buy the maps of the Unites States. To become a 'Financially Independent' Hispanic or Latino, you will have to do the work it will take to create your own financial guides. How long will it take you? Well, it depends. It will certainly take you much longer if you try to follow someone else's directions. The roads to wealth, unlike geographical roads, are infinite. Many are currently uncharted territory. Each, person's millionaire road map is different, because each person's strengths, resources, and life situation are unique. Are you ready to take the journey?


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