Tuesday, December 3, 2013

How to get through finals while staying sane!

It finals week, and sometimes I find myself 

recounting the golden days where I was a student in college. 

However, during my time in college, and going through what I like to call the "the final massacre," I picked up a couple of studying tricks and methods to keep me centered and regulated. Here are some tips that have helped me through finals week:

  1. Accept your anxiety.   Don't let your pre-final jitters get the best of you. You're going to be anxious, that's a given. . Acknowledge that. Use it to your advantage— a little bit of nerves can be the best motivation to excel and focus your energy into productivity
  1. Know the library. At exam time, the library (my usual study spot) became infected with students. Every where you turn, there are kids cracking open their books and diving into their studies. However, many times the student body excess can be a huge distraction, and it would be better to know every inch of the library. So, you can find that one corner where no one goes to get some peace and quiet. 
  1. Sleep. You need it.  I know it is so easy to pull an all-nighter, and then refuel the next morning with a cup of coffee. In a desperate moment during my freshman year, I pulled an all-nighter to study for my "Accounting II" exam. Well, although, I had studied all night, that didn't matter to my alarm clock when it didn't go off the next morning and I woke up late to my exam. 
  1. Breathe. This week can be hectic and truly exhausting. So to keep your brain circulated make sure you take to breathe. 
  1. Make dead week Click here to learn about third-party website links truly dead. If you’re at a school that blesses you with a week (or even a day) of no classes in preparation for finals, use it! It’s always better to study over time rather than to cram. Don't get caught up in your next door neighbors kegger, and get your studying done. 
  1. Take a break. You truly will go insane if you study nonstop, so take a 30-minute break every now and then to just chill. Take a walk with a friend, go to chick-fil-a, or call your mom and see how she is doing this week. 
  1. Grab a healthy snack. Caffeine and sugar aren’t always the best options, and can leave you with a pretty bad sugar hangover. They’re good for a while, but then you crash. Grab an apple or a granola bar, and make sure you get the right nutrition. 
  1. Ignore the celebrating students. It’s especially tough to stay motivated and keep studying when there are students who are already finished (and who keep reminding you that they’re done). Don’t get pulled in to their celebration. Stay focused on your studies—you’ll get your time to celebrate, too.
  1. Double-check your final exam times. Funny story for you. Well, not really funny then, but funny now. Junior year I missed my Finance final. It isn't fun, and I don't advise it. 
  1. Put down your cell phone.  It is hard to stay focused with a million little buzzing sounds ringing at your ear. Make sure you keep as many distractions away from you this week, and turn off your cell phone. I dare you. 
  1. Go crazy to stay sane. Last year, one of my friends made a finals playlist and we kicked back and listened to it dancing and laughing. Just because you have to get serious doesn't mean you can't have a little down time full of fun and laughter.

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