Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Financial Planner Teaches Latinos How to Create Wealth

Ruben Ruiz, award-winning financial strategist and author, makes it his mission to help Hispanics create wealth and become financially independent. At a time when the Hispanic community is growing fast, encouragement and support are needed more than ever.

Ruiz concentrated on the Hispanic market in the greater San Antonio area, for more than 3 decades, teaching clients how to go about establishing a sound financial foundation, then building upon it to amass wealth. Still, he saw few Hispanic millionaires compared with the much larger numbers of Anglo millionaires.

According to the Pew Hispanic Center, Hispanic households have less than 10 cents for every dollar in wealth owned by White households. In fact, even the wealthiest 5% of Hispanic households have a net worth that is less than 1/2 of the net worth of comparably placed White households.

"Most Hispanics are second generation, born in the USA," Ruiz said. "If you’re not quite middle income, any discussions of money are based on being broke, being poor or it being a struggle. If we are brought up that way, that’s how we perceive wealth."

In fact, in a new National Council of La Raza report released in December 2005, almost half the national Hispanic population - about 20 million people - has not opened a basic bank account. Ruiz points to 2001 U.S. Census figures showing that a married Hispanic American family’s median income was about $40,000, while their Anglo counterpart’s annual income was about $60,000 - almost 50 percent more.

"About 98 percent of my clients are Hispanics from all different income and net worth levels,” Ruiz said. “I saw what was happening. I wanted to get the middle-income clients to quit thinking they’d reached their top goal. We have been brought up to reach Middle America and you’re set. You don’t have to think about or do anything else. You have arrived. And that’s not true.

“I wanted to motivate them to go to the next level," Ruiz said. “The aim of my services is to encourage Latinos to be financially independent and to realize that wealth is attainable for everyone with the right planning. What Latinos need and want more passionately than anything else for building wealth is a structured plan.”

Anyone can become wealthy, if they know the steps they need to take to effectively increase their net worth, and to find someone able to teach these steps. There are no real ethnic or cultural barriers to financial success, only those you create yourself or allow others to create for you. You can learn how to become wealthy and create your own blueprint. But you must always remember: “The final discrimination fight will be with your own mindset.”

Financial Planner Writes Books as a Marketing Tool

Ruben Ruiz, CEO, financial strategist and adviser, is releasing three new books in English and Spanish, to help market his financial planning business and attract new clients. His books provide Americans with insightful and easy to understand steps to reach financial stability, while at the same time entertaining with a clever dialogue and memorable characters.

Many of the financial self-help texts currently on the market are so complex and uninspiring that Americans find themselves struggling to read from one cover to another, and they lose interest long before they’ve been able to successfully implement the techniques they teach. Ruiz saw the need in the market for appealing financial texts and responded to it by writing three books packed with practical insight on a variety of wealth-building tools and techniques, which include The Richest Latino in America, The One-Hour Hispanic Millionaire and My Own Money Blueprint.

Ruiz puts dry, boring texts firmly in the past where they belong with his new book, The Richest Latino in America. The book offers Americans the opportunity to learn how to build an unlimited amount of wealth without having to thumb through pages of facts and statistics better suited for a college classroom. The Richest Latino holds the reader’s attention by taking the information and making it into a story.

The novella uses clever dialogue and memorable characters to teach readers the Seven Miracles of Wealth Creation, a wealth building plan so simple that anyone can implement it, regardless of their level of education, and so effective that they will begin to generate results within a matter of weeks-guaranteed. These secrets of the Seven Miracles are explained in a fun, easy to understand manner that makes implementing them in real life scenarios a piece of cake.

Ruiz provides Hispanics with a “Bible of Knowledge” on how to create their own financial blueprint for reinventing your lifestyle and bank account in The One-Hour Hispanic Millionaire. He explains that by setting aside one hour a week to focus on your “Millionaire Goal” you can set in motion a chain of financial events that can change your life forever.

My Own Money Blueprint provides readers with the tools to gain financial security, peace of
mind and an independent lifestyle by learning the 12 models that make up your “Own Money

 “The aim of the books is to encourage Americans to be financially independent and to realize that wealth is attainable for everyone with the right planning. But to get to that wealth, all Americans will have to engineer a structured blueprint or plan to turn their most precious asset that they have, their paycheck, into assets, savings accounts, investment accounts and so forth,” said Ruiz. “These books can be a resource to build that structured blueprint of turning a paycheck into wealth.”
Ruiz also made a commitment to publish a new book every year, for the next ten years, and cover every part of financial education that is a part of America’s free enterprise society on building income and net-worth. He made Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, the “model form” to motivate the writing of his financial self-help books. 
Ruben and his company, W&M Publishing, will start a new national distribution all four books carried by amazon.com and his own book website, rubenruiz.net. Ruiz is in the process to place books on all book websites, national book subscriptions and retail stores.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Ruiz Makes Presentation About Tax Risk for Baby Boomers

Ruiz makes presentation about tax risks for boomers

San Marcos — Ruben Ruiz, local author and CEO of the Ruiz Financial Group, LLC and Money Concepts, recently presented at the National Group Conference, at the Fairmont Orchard Hotel on the big island of Kona, Hawaii.

Ruiz, who is a native San Marcan, SWT alumni (Texas State) and a distinguished San Marcos alumnus, presented on, “Tax Risks in Retirement for Boomers.”

There are 105 million baby boomers (age 47-65) that face unplanned tax risk. While many boomers are aware of investment risk, they have not thought about how increases in taxes will affect their retirement income, Ruiz said.

“Planning retirement today is planning for a long retirement because of our longevity. Not only is the type of investment a risk, but also the future increases in taxes,” he said.

“Currently we see an increase in federal income taxes, but there can be others, simply because of the deficit and ordinary inflation. One should also plan for increases in property taxes, sales tax, gasoline tax and the other assortment of taxes that can cut a retiree's monthly budget in half,” Ruiz said.

Since most Americans have the largest part of their retirement investments in 401k's, 403b's and IRA plans, they will pay a higher income tax when they begin withdrawing, even if they are in a lower tax-bracket, Ruiz said.

“Most baby boomers invested in retirement plans because it was a great tax break on their deposits and were convinced that when they started to withdraw their funds, they would be in a lower tax bracket; a win-win goal. Now it looks like win-lose,” he said.

Ruiz urges the National Group Advisors from all over the U.S. to visit with their clients now to discuss their potential retirement problem and to diversify their tax income into a higher percentage of tax-free plans, and investments with capital gains tax, and not ordinary tax liability.

Agents that qualified to attend came from almost all of the 50 states. The National Group, based out of Montpelier, Vt., is a leader in 403b and annuities for teachers and public school employees.

Money Concepts centers have a long tradition of helping clients build, manage and protect their wealth through financial planning and investment advisory services.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Wanted Part-Time Retired Teacher/Administrator in San Antonio, Texas

Wanted Part-Time Retired Teacher/Administrator that retired in 2011 or in 2012 from NSISD, NEISD or SAISD. 
20 hours per week and very flexible for educator to plan trips or for holidays. 
The position will office in the Jefferson Building in San Antonio, Texas.
Send one page resume to schedule interview.
Fax resume to 208-279-1073 or email to rruiz@grandecom.net

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