Friday, October 7, 2011

Financial education K-12 will make America good again

SAN MARCOS, Texas – With all of the uncertainty surrounding the debt crisis in America and the personal savings rate near zero, encouragement and support to build wealth are needed more than ever. It is imperative for the youth of America to become financially literate at a young age to steer clear of debt as an adult. And Ruben Ruiz is ready to help. Ruiz, financial strategist and adviser, is releasing three new books, available in English and Spanish, which provide Americans with insightful and easy to understand steps to reaching financial stability.
One solution to reconstructing the American economy is implementing financial education programs in public schools. Although there are immense resources of financial education among adults, the progress to educate youth on finances is very slowly on the move. Youth financial education should be applied in all public schools, grades K-12, rather than the wait to educate students in high school and college. In order for the programs to be effective, teachers need to be properly trained and learn to create their own financial security, first and foremost.
The Ruiz Financial Group, LLC with Ruben Ruiz, MSFS, ChFC, RFC , CEO, Author, and Award Winning Financial Advisor, Presents to educators, teachers, business owners, corporations, and organizations; Financial Education, Training, Development, Consulting, Coaching & Advisory Services through the selection of Financial Programs, where owners, staff, employees, directors and members can select one or all programs to provide financial empowerment and financial independence.

My Own Money Blueprint provides readers with the tools to gain financial security, peace of
mind and an independent lifestyle by learning the 12 models that make up your “Own Money

The Richest Latino in America follows the path of “John Doe” Ricardo Barrera Vasquez as he goes from being a nameless member of middle class America to becoming one of the richest Latinos in America. The book teaches readers the Seven Miracles Wealth Creation, a wealth building plan so simple that anyone can implement it, regardless of their level of education, and so effective that they will begin to generate results within a matter of weeks.

Ruiz provides Hispanics with a “Bible of Knowledge” on how to create their own financial blueprint in The One-Hour Hispanic Millionaire. Ruiz provides a blueprint for reinventing your lifestyle and bank account. He explains that by setting aside one hour a week to focus on your “Millionaire Goal” you can set in motion a chain of financial events that can change your life forever.

About Ruben Ruiz
Ruiz is an award-winning author, financial coach, and  CEO of The Ruiz Financial Group, LLC. Ruiz is a member of the Financial Planning Association (FPA) of San Antonio and South Texas and has served in various positions for the organization, including chairman of the Board. Ruiz teaches, educates and provides consulting services to clients and associates in wealth management and financial planning. He has published three books on financial planning & money management.

Mr. Ruiz has a bachelor of business administration (BBA) degree from Southwest Texas State University (Texas State University) and a master of science in financial services (MSFS) degree from the Richard D. Irwin Graduate School of The American College, Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania. He holds the professional designations of the chartered financial consultant (ChFC) and the registered financial consultant (RFC).


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