Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Author and Certified Public Accountant to present at CPA and Tax Professional Boot-Camp

SAN ANTONIO — Author and Certified Public Accountant (CPA) to present at CPA and Tax Professional Boot-Camp at the Hilton San Antonio Airport Hotel Sept. 6-7.

Money Concepts International announces the new Transition Entry Program for CPAs and tax professionals. The program can save the tax professional $7,000 in fees and licensing expenses. The Business Transition Plan can provide them the opportunity to make financial planning and wealth management a service to their tax clients.

Nick Hodges, CPA/PFS, MBA, CFP, author of The Lazy CPA, will present on providing more efficient methods to add financial services and maintain the principles of tax practices and implementing the tax-financial services practice for profit.

Hodges will present alongside Ursula Mentjes, CEO, Ruben Ruiz, MSFS, RFC, ChFC, Ed Guerrero, CPA, William Peterman, CPA, CFP, RFC, Christopher J. Passero, CPA, MA and Alan Lockhart, CEO.

Presentations include the transition of converting clients to a fee-based asset management, advisory practice and increased revenue and family time, tax-diversification is almost non-existent for the majority of tax clients, using warm-based marketing questions to schedule financial planning meetings with tax clients and closing financial services on the first meeting with tax clients.

Hodges’ innovative strategies program includes specialized processes, management techniques, suites of services and customizable financial programs. By providing these types of strategies to clients, it allows tax professionals to not only capture all their assets but deepen their relationship with them to a point that they are their sole financial solutions provider. 

Tired of sitting by and watching his tax clients receive inadequate financial planning services from others, Hodges launched financial services at his firm in 1996. Tireless in his pursuit to find the best services for his clients, he systematically researched and perfected the best methods to add financial services.

In the midst of its implementation, his wife faced a major health crisis that required his full involvement. A dedicated family man and professional, Nick was unwilling to let the process languish while he attended to his family’s needs. Faced with significant time constraints, he was forced to establish more efficient methods that maintained his principles. The “Lazy CPA” perspective was birthed during this time of need.

After successfully weathering the family crisis while maintaining the professional load, Nick realized that he created a new approach that eliminated non-essential activities, maximized client service and generated additional revenue – all with a minimum investment of his time and energy. The result was happier clients, more family time and greater achievements. Nick now shares with other accountants what he learned through seminars and books.

Money Concepts wealth management and planning centers have a long tradition of helping clients build, manage, and protect their wealth through financial planning and investment advisory services. Money Concepts International has been successfully servicing independent financial professionals for over 30 years. Tax professionals may visit www.MoneyConceptsTexas.com for more information.

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