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SAN ANTONIO, Texas—Money Concepts International—wealth management company, will be hosting the first “Women in Financial Services” conference, in an effort to bridge the gap between men and women that work in the financial services industry.

We are currently in a social and economic revolution, where women now control most of the wealth, yet men lead the financial services industry. With only 20% of the financial advisors of the female gender, there is a shortage of women to fill these "wealth holders" needs.

Women now control more than half of all the wealth in the United States, according to the Federal Reserve. The female economy is one of the largest economies on the earth. They control 80 percent of household purchases and make 89 percent of the banking decisions for their families.

However, many women are dissatisfied with the condescending disrespect they receive from the financial services industry. Often they prefer a woman financial advisor to a man by 3 to 1.Women face tremendous challenges as they move through life’s transitions, from childhood to adult, from college to career, from single to married, to widowhood or divorce, and into the retirement years. Having more women in the financial industry, who understand the needs of their female clients, can be extremely beneficial.

It is a wise business move for companies of all industries to have equally gender balanced management and leadership teams, in order to make unbiased, strategic decisions in today’s global economy. By nature, men and women bring different, but complementary qualities and skills to the table.

Research shows that women are less likely than men to take extreme investment risks and achieve more consistent and higher yields on funds they manage. In one study, they measured brain activity in men and women while making investment decisions. In men, the reward center of their brain lit up. In women, they reward center lit up, but so did the consequences center of their brain.

“Women in Financial Services” make up about 20% of the industry. Yet, women listen more than men in client appointments. There are many reasons why there are not more women in financial planning & services & wealth management. Money Concepts Texas will do their part to increase
the number and the awareness, with a special event “Women in Financial Services,” says Ruben
Ruiz, Regional Director of Money Concepts International, financial advisor and author.

Money Concepts International will host the first conference on “Women in Financial Services” on January 27th, 2012, from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, at the St. Anthony’s Hotel, in San Antonio, Texas, in an effort to promote equal opportunity in the financial industry and challenge stereotypes. As a top leader in the financial industry, Ruiz’s goal is to create diversity, equality, opportunity for women, and increase financial education amongst both men and women. For additional information contact Priscilla Hurst at Priscilla@rubenruiz.net.

About Ruben Ruiz

Ruben Ruiz is an award-winning author, financial coach, president and CEO of The Ruiz Financial Group, LLC., and W&M Publishing. Ruiz is a member of the Financial Planning Association (FPA) of San Antonio and South Texas and has served in various positions for the organization, including chairman of the Board. Ruiz teaches, educates and provides consulting services to clients and associates in wealth management and financial planning. He has published three books on financial planning & money management, in English and Spanish. Ruben Ruiz, Jr., MSFS, CLU, ChFC, RFC, is a Regional Director of Money Concepts Financial Planning Centers in San Marcos and San Antonio, Texas.


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