Friday, April 15, 2011

Teachers Retirement Workshop next week

Award-winning author to present Teacher Retirement Workshop

San Antonio, Texas, April 6, 2011- Ruben Ruiz, award-winning author, financial coach and President  of The Ruiz Financial Group LLC and Money Concepts, will be presenting a workshop for teachers and administrators who are grandfathered under TRS to discuss the current environment for educators retiring through the Teacher Retirement System this year. The workshop will be held at the ‘Barn Door Restaurant’ on  April 19th for SAISD, April 20th for NEISD and April 21st for NSISD  grandfathered TRS members  at 6:00 p.m.
The major topics of concern for teachers are the financial condition of the TRS pension plan, how TRS retirement payments are calculated, options for beneficiaries, Social Security and private retirement plans like 403(b) and individual retirement accounts.
Many school districts are trying to help their “grandfathered” TRS members retiring this year because of the current crisis in the Texas Education Funding. The workshop will address TRS members that are “grandfathered” by age or years of service.
“For many educators, retirement is right around the around the corner, maybe even this year or next,” said Ruiz. “The biggest problem for retirees is not investing time to be fully aware of all their retirement options and just doing ‘good planning’.”
Mr. Ruiz has been practicing as a financial adviser for over 30 years and has been working with educators and teachers for 20 years.


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